About Us

TINTAK TATTOO offers temporary sticker tattoos in the Philippines that last for a few days or even a week and leaves satisfaction to the customers. Pre-made designs are available online and offers cash on delivery nationwide. It can be customize or personalize as well based on client needs, events, company activities, group logos, brands, and or family gatherings.

three arms crossed to each other while showing their tintak temporary tattoos on each arm.


We just love to express the Art, the vibes and spread some tatt inspiration for those who are planning to get inked sooner or later or to those who just want to try and have fun. 😉

We promote RESPECT and GOOD VIBES to everyone (may tattoo o wala, naka-permanent tattoo o hindi). Go! You deserve it! :)


Our vision is to become one of the reputable brands and providers of information about tattoos, artists, designs, and stories while being creative in providing temporary tattoo art that customers' can try and enjoy for themselves.


To provide valuable information, directions, inspirations, and tattoo ideas for those who are planning to get inked soon, permanently or temporarily. To offer quality temporary tattoo stickers for those who just want to have FUN and/or try the experience and the ideas on specific preferred designs and placement.  



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