About Us

Tintak Tattoo offers temporary sticker tattoos in the Philippines that last for a few days on the skin. Pre-made designs are available online at tintaktattoo.com and on social media platforms. It offers cash on delivery and other payment options nationwide. The designs are customizable based on client needs, events, company activities, group logos, brands, and family gatherings.

three arms crossed to each other while showing their tintak temporary tattoos on each arm.

Tintak Tattoo loves to express the art and the vibe of trying different tattoo designs on different placements while thinking about having a permanent one. Just try some, play with it, and remove it anytime. 🙂

Tintak Tattoo is under the trade name Marks and Cuts Online Shop. A sole proprietorship that offers printed art designs for skin, stickers, and other paper-cut items like business cards, logo stickers, cake/cupcake toppers, etc. It focuses on arts, unique designs, and craft solutions based on clients' specific requirements. 




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