Colored Koi Fish temporary tattoo sticker design.
Man's arm with colored koi fish temporary tattoo sticker while inside the car, holding the steering wheel.
Colored Koi Fish temporary tattoo sticker design on man's arm.
Tintak temporary tattoo sticker with colored koi fish design, with its hard board packaging.

Koi Fish Temporary Tattoo 508

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High-quality temporary tattoos that can be worn every day or in every event that you have to attend to. You can replace your tattoo every 3-5 days if you want to. Bluff your friends and relatives in a very artistic way! VERY COOL! :)

  • It looks like real tattoos.
  • Water-transfer tattoos.
  • Washable / Replaceable.
  • Last 4-10days on arm. 1 day if on back/neck/face.
  • Skin-friendly. Safe.
  • Easy application.
  • More designs to choose from.

How to apply these temporary tattoos? You can check our application instructions here.



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