4 Sheets of Lokal Temporary Tattoo Stickers.
Lokal - Bundle of 4
Lokal - Bundle of 4
Lokal - Bundle of 4
Lokal - Bundle of 4
Music temporary tattoos with Gclefs on the arm of a man & a woman.
Baybayin Text temporary tattoo on a man's arm.
Baybayin Text temporary tattoo on a man's arm.
A picture of a man with a 3-star and a sun temporary tattoo on his back.

Lokal - Bundle of 4

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4-Sheets of Temporary Tattoos
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Package inclusion:

  1. 3 Stars and a Sun Temporary Tattoo
  2. Baybayin Temporary Tattoo 01
  3. Baybayin Temporary Tattoo 02
  4. Music Temporary Tattoo 02
  5. Application Instructions

High-quality temporary tattoos that can be worn every day or in every event that you have to attend. You can replace your tattoo every 3-5 days if you want to. Bluff your friends and relatives in a very artistic way! VERY COOL! :)

  • It looks like real tattoos.
  • Water-transfer tattoos.
  • Washable / Replaceable.
  • Last up to 4 days if placed on the arm. 1 day if on back/neck/face.
  • Skin-friendly. Safe.
  • Easy application.
  • More designs to choose from.


  • Cut out the desired design & remove its plastic front cover.
  • Place the tattoo design face down on your skin.
  • Wet/water the paper using a sponge or cotton for 10-20 seconds.
  • Carefully remove the paper to check if the tattoo has been transferred.
  • If not fully transferred, press down again with wet cotton until thoroughly transferred.
  • Let it dry and enjoy your cool new tattoo. :)


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